A young girl, barely four, stood spellbound. A piece of melody, ringing with playfulness, quickly descending into haunting notes of anguish, and then again soaring with hope, wafted through the air.  It was none other than Für Elise by Beethoven. The girl lost in the enchanting notes of Für Elise began her journey as a musician. A dream flickered deep inside, to become a renowned musician.

Prapti Rajguru is 11 years old now. She is currently studying music under the guidance of Dr. Jordan Rashkov. She has been performing piano in various public venues and events including Expo 2020, Steinway Dubai, Dubai Garden Glow, Dubai Summer Surprises in The Dubai Mall and Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Her accomplishments in music include:

In personal front, Prapti is the proud sister of a little Maltese whom she has named Bobo Flora. In her free time Prapti likes to draw caricatures, solve riddles, read investigative and adventurous books. Prapti also swims and does yoga regularly to keep herself healthy. 

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