Matei Ilia Radulescu is a 14 y.o. piano composer and virtuoso, a child prodigy of spectacular talent.

Romanian by birth, universal citizen by talent, with a common denominator for his piano compositions: inescapable goosebumps. He started the piano at the age of 6. At 9 he had his first composition: a requiem for his beloved dog. Nocturnes, preludes, etudes, ballads, and waltzes followed.

Recent prizes and accolades include:
o 1st prize @ Lugano International Music Competition
o Gold @Londoon Young Musician
o 1st prize @ International Youth Music Competitions Atlanta, USA
o Career Project winner with Tiziano Rosetti Academy

His music is intense, profound, evocative, emotionally spectacular, and inexplicably mature for his age. His declared muses are the beauty of nature, the innocence of animals, and the artistic chefs-d’oeuvre of humanity. The great painters of all times inspire his music as he seldom happens to write a brilliant impromptu around a beautiful picture, an elusive ray of light at dusk, or a film scene of intense emotionality.
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